Color Options

Dreamcrete Studios  standard color palette is displayed below.  These 9 colors have been refined over the years and are based on the latest design trends.


Need a custom color?  You are not limited to these 9 colors.  Because each project is made from scratch, the color possibilities are nearly endless.  Dreamcrete Studios can create almost any custom color to meet your design needs.  For a minimal charge, we can create a custom color for you based on a Benjamin Moore paint swatch number that you provide. Additionally, we have accumulated an extensive library of custom colors over the years, so we may already have a color formula that matches or comes very close to the one that you need.  Although we do not have these samples available for purchase, the\y r can be re-created for a minimal charge.  For more information please Contact a Dreamcrete Studios Representative today.


Concrete is a handmade product that utilizes natural materials, so variation will occur and therefore color samples may vary from the finished product.