Product Information

DreamCrete Studio's concrete products are meticulously handcrafted in the USA by skilled artisans. Each product undergoes a detailed production process, either being templated and installed locally or crafted based on provided renderings for nationwide shipping. Before leaving our facility, every item is subjected to a thorough quality control check.

We take pride in our concrete mix, utilizing an exceptionally high-strength Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) mix. This blend incorporates super water reducers, glass fiber reinforcement, pozzolanic material, and mix additives, enhancing both early and overall strength. Our concrete boasts a compressive strength exceeding 8,000 to 10,000 PSI, while the tensile strength without reinforcement is a robust 1,500 PSI. Moreover, all our concrete products are fire-resistant.

To ensure durability and aesthetics, each piece is sealed with three coats of an industrial topical coating, providing a protective layer while enhancing the product's color. Our sealer is 100% reactive and VOC compliant.

Our versatile concrete products find standard use in countertops, sinks, tables, firepits, water bowls, mantels, benches, and we welcome custom requests.

Why does concrete exhibit variation on the surface and edges?

DreamCrete Studios places a strong emphasis on superior quality control throughout the casting process. All our concrete products undergo a 24-hour curing period in a controlled environment, employing a low water-to-cement ratio and mix additives for high-strength results. Our batching, weighing, and casting process are meticulously consistent, with precise measurements down to the 100th of a gram. DreamCrete Studios is committed to perfecting the art of crafting exceptional concrete products.

Despite these meticulous processes, variations and random markings may appear in completed projects. The imperfections arise from the chemical reaction of hydration during the curing process, where moisture and heat escape, leaving unique visual elements on the surface and edges. The casting process and the artisan's touch also contribute to the appearance of the final product. While some may perceive these variations as blemishes, they are, in fact, the evidence of the intricate story behind the creation of your concrete project. Embracing the handmade nature of concrete acknowledges the inherent variations that contribute to its authenticity and unique charm.